Come one, come all to what Rep. Steve King called
“a ringside seat for the greatest show on Earth.”
Source: Spencer Daily Reporter, 5/6/2015
The GOP Circus is back in Iowa! Come out and see the new attractions!*
(*DISCLAIMER: While some of the candidates may be new, they are all peddling old, recycled and regressive positions that Iowans have seen and rejected before)
Circus Elephant

The Illusionist

Watch closely or you’ll miss it as the GOP candidates for president try to make you believe they care about working Iowa families, while pushing for policies that reward only extremists and the mega-rich!

The contortionist

Watch as the candidates twist and turn their positions to fit what they think their audience wants to hear. Something new to see every day!

The trapeze artists

Watch as the GOP candidates swing back and forth, from one policy position to another as they try to appeal to far-right extremists and middle class Iowans!

The Ventriloquist

Watch as their billionaire special interest backers speak and the words come magically out of the GOP candidates’ mouths!

The Human Cannonball

Also known as their policies for working Iowans.

The Tight Rope Walkers

Watch in amazement as the GOP field walks an extremely fine line between what they say in Iowa and what their track record proves they’ve done elsewhere!
Want to know when the circus is next
showing up in your town?